Digitalization Research: In Summary

Ongoing evolution in communications, sensing, and computation are bringing major changes in the way we understand mobility systems, the contexts within which they operate, how we behave in them, and how we can better plan and operate them.


CoAXs is an open-source stakeholder engagement tool that seeks to support co-creative transport planning by allowing users to interactively view a metropolitan area's accessibilty landscape (e.g., potential to reach different types of jobs) and explore how accessibility might change through different types of mobility improvement projects, such as new bus services [Click here to learn more].   

Future Mobility Sensing (FMS)

FMS is a smartphone-based integrated activity-travel survey. It uses a combination of a smartphone app, available for Android and iOS, a backend intelligence system, and an online validation system to collect high-resolution data on individual travel behavior [Click Here to understand more].


Flocktracker is a field research tool developed as a robust and flexible Android application for a range of data collection purposes. Originally developed for mapping Dhaka's semi-formal bus system, it has since been deployed by numerous researchers from around the world for everything from understanding users' perception of security on minibuses in Mexico City to surveying retailers' freight trip demands in Singapore and Santiago de Chile [Click here to explore].


Below an interview on "Digitalization of Urban Mobility" with Prof.María Eugenia Negrete, Colegio de México (in Spanish)..