Modeling Research in Summary

We are involved in projects that include developing the next generation of urban systems simulation tools and the deployment of existing tools in innovative ways, taking advantage of advances in computational power and new data sources. 

Current Projects:

SimMoblity is the integrated, multi-scale, activity-based simulation platform of the Future Urban Mobility Research Group at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) [Read More].
Greater Boston Scenarios
Work in this area consists of a confederation of related research projects that require the development of a fully functional land use-transport system model for Greater Boston. Our goals are to better incorporate multi-dimensional uncertainty in forecasting exercises and understand the implications for "better" planning and policy-making [Click Here to know more].

Past Projects:

Sponsored by the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education this project involved the first implementation of an integrated land use-transportation model for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and included stakeholder-based scenario planning exercises to elaborate alternative possible futures. Work included the piloting of a quantitative scenario discovery method using the software UrbanSim.
Sponsored by Energy Foundation-China, Low-Carbon Energy University Alliance. Co-led project to develop tools for estimating energy & CO2 emissions of neighborhood design proposals in China (; tool deployed in 5 graduate-level urban design workshops carried out for several cities in China in cooperation between MIT and Tsinghua University.